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Tran and Brown were an item until shortly before rumors started swirling about Rihanna and Brown rekindling their romance in late 2012. “Whenever she was around me, the quiet, meek, accommodating, respectful image is what she portrayed.” He hastily added that he also met Rihanna “years ago” and that she “was very respectful and polite as well.” The doting dad is one of the few who will dare make excuses for Brown’s vicious beatdown of Rihanna only hours before the Grammys.Tran and Brown visited Clinton in his town of only 2,000 people — and she made a great impression. Clinton, who was in Los Angeles when the attack occurred, would not share details but insisted the entire story had not yet been told. telling us she wants nothing but the best for her ex ...our camera guy wanted to know if she's up for Tinder."I've had girlfriends, but it's different," he said. Like, you don't be like, 'That's my girl,' but you know when you hang with her, it's like ... If I'm singling out one girl, think about all the other girls who are falling in love with me in that club. So it's like, I have a relationship with every girl. The Brooklyn, New York, rapper will remain jailed until her September 7 court date after a Manhattan Criminal Court judge rejected her bid to be sprung early due to alleged unlawful treatment by the New York Corrections Department.It's like every girl is my girlfriend." The magazine hits newsstands September 11, while Exclusive is out October 30. According to the Daily News, Foxy claimed her jailing by another judge was "unlawful" and "arbitrary." Brown was imprisoned Wednesday after violating the terms of her probation. DMX has spoken out through his lawyer about the recent raid of his Arizona home, during which police discovered three dead dogs, a dozen mistreated pit bulls, a large weapons cache, cars with license plates that didn't match and what police believe to be illicit narcotics.

"I think they believe they are recreational users of drugs and they are in control. John Legend is injecting an exclusive track, "Sun Comes Up," into Grey's Anatomy Soundtrack: Volume 3, due September 11.

The magazine's new cover boy reveals that he's "girl crazy — very girl crazy," but there are limits.

For instance, the nude photos that turned up on the Internet in March were not actually him.

"I have consulted with my lawyers and I do understand that eventually the time will come when they will find me, but until then, I'm trying to avoid being brought into this mess," said Rudolph, who has been laying low.

"She's going through so much right now, and I wish Britney the best." ...

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  1. When asked why she was carrying a shopping bag filled with food items, she said “if you walk alone on the street empty handed, the cops (police) will suspect you, but if you carry a shopping bag, they will think you went shopping.” in Salmiya, who turned out to be a prostitute too. After a while, she entered one of the baqalas in the area – pretending to be buying some things, but when she noticed that we were not cops after our interactions with her, she started bargaining on the price.