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Let's face it, I could be a World War II fighter pilot one day and the next day pitch up a missionary from darkest Africa. Everyone had fake names and random avatar pictures they had simply cut and pasted from somewhere else.

In the early days, images/site/articles and options were so limited you would often see a number of different users all sporting the same avatar picture.

She is a lightweight drinker and must have been drunk because she reacted to his advances in ways she had never done before.He told me that his wife had gone out last week with her girlfriends and didn’t get home until the next morning.He said that she cried as she told him how much she truly loved him, but that she had something to confess and prayed that it wouldn’t ruin their marriage.If you look at your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media accounts, how many of those folks are strangers? We actually "chat" with complete strangers all the time. Complete strangers from all four corners of the earth would gather in a virtual room, under a cloak of complete anonymity and talk with each other.Before the internet became the massive multi-faceted beast it is today, before our mothers and even our grannies were online, long before the smartphone claimed world domination, we had something else. Yes, they are still around today but they were a big thing in the early days on the internet.

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