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But it remains open, at a cost of 5 million last year—an expensive reminder that the United States, contrary to the ideals of its judicial system, is willing to hold people captive, perhaps for life, without a trial.

For Obama, it is also painful evidence of the difference between the campaign promises of a forty-six-year-old aspirant and the realities of governing in a bitterly polarized time.

Le precipitazioni, concentrate durante l'autunno inoltrato e l'inverno, sono scarse e per lo più di carattere piovoso in pianura, mentre sull'altopiano delle Murge sono frequenti le nevicate in caso di irruzioni fredde da est.

At the Guantánamo military prison—a desolate place near the eastern tip of Cuba—detainees began a chant that grew louder as it spread: “Obama! The chant echoed from blocky concrete buildings arranged into camps, where “compliant” detainees watched television and took classes, and “non-compliant” ones passed their time in twelve-by-eight-foot cells. held “high value” detainees, including five men charged with participating in the attacks of September 11, 2001. When Obama began his first Presidential campaign, in 2007, the idea of closing the prison facilities at Guantánamo seemed to be gathering political force.

Tali mari costituiscono soprattutto per la nostra penisola (meno per quelle ellenica, iberica ed anatolica) un benefico serbatoio di calore e di umidità.

Determinano infatti, nell'ambito della zona temperata, un clima particolare detto temperato mediterraneo. Nella zona litoranea il clima è subcontinentale a nord di Ancona con sbalzi di temperatura da stagione a stagione: estati calde, ma rinfrescate dalla benevole brezza marina, inverni freddi con regolari piogge di stagione.

Last March, when he made an appearance in Cleveland, Ohio, a seventh grader asked what advice he would give himself if he could go back to the start of his Presidency.

Obama said, “I think I would have closed Guantánamo on the first day.” But the politics had got tough, he said, and “the path of least resistance was just to leave it open.” Obama may yet close Guantánamo before he leaves office, but his failure to do so in nearly eight years as President has drawn criticism from a vast number of people who otherwise support him: liberals, centrists, officials in his own Administration.

“Some of them had been, there is no doubt in my mind,” he said. Many Defense officials viewed it as an asset too important to lose.The rush is inspired partly by Obama’s concerns about his legacy and partly by political calculations, as the Presidential election approaches.Hillary Clinton, who will accept the Democratic nomination this week, in Philadelphia, has vacillated on Guantánamo.Prisoners were brought there after 9/11 to remove any threat they might pose and to provide intelligence, but there was little expectation that they would be criminally prosecuted, so scant attention was given to the kind of evidence-gathering that would be required in court. said, ‘Law-enforcement sensitive.’ ” In time, he became convinced that the prison should be closed.Despite persistent rhetoric from figures like Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who described the detainees as “the worst of the worst,” some members of the Bush Administration felt ambivalent about Guantánamo. “It was an albatross,” a senior Bush White House official told me recently.

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