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If it looks to good to be true, perhaps it is, perhaps it is not a genuine antique, but a magic carpet.

When I now see a Sevan or Karachopf Kazak with voluptuous, long, shaggy pile for sale, I am immediately suspicious, and my suspicion does not abate until I see documented evidence of the rug’s existence going back at least twenty years. There is no doubt that genuine antique pieces may get passed over as a result of this climate of informed caution or suspicion.

The representation of such rugs as antiques is fraudulent, unless the dealer or seller is unaware that the rug is a modern pastiche of old materials, and, unfortunately this does happen.

The writer was once admiring an antique Kazak hanging on the wall of a New York rug gallery.

A Turkish dealer/ rug restorer who was visiting the gallery approached me quietly and asked me to estimate the age of the piece. He laughed and said that it was not anywhere near that old, but that it was newly made in Turkey.

The rug would then appear to have different ages in different areas, which would indicate that something were amiss. Their manufacture is modern, and they are, therefore, worth far less than genuine pieces made long ago.Such repairs can be done to a very high standard, especially by weavers in the Middle Eastern areas where the rugs were originally produced.Sometimes this is done using wool from the fragmentary remains of Kilims or tapestries which can be unraveled to yield great lengths of antique yarn with the spin and color of the same quality and texture as the wool in antique rugs that are in need of repairs.Indeed various types of Kazak rugs, Karabagh, Shirvan, and Kuba rugs still occupy a place of importance in the rug-collecting world, but their attractiveness has fallen off to some degree in the last decade.This is not due to changes in taste, availability, or other types of marketplace trend.

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