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When there are people in your life who do pass the Traffic Test, what a whopping shame it would be to spend 95% of the rest of your life with someone who doesn’t.

I hope Valentine’s Day was good for you this year, whatever you did for it.

Terri Orbuch, Finding Love Again: 6 Simple Steps to a New and Happy Relationship 9. A review of the economic literature on the factors associated with subjective well-being.

John Gottman, The Marriage Clinic: A Scientifically Based Marital Therapy 10.

Love and relationships are a major part of the human experience, but they mystify many of us.

Learn what scientific research has to say about love, and get advice on creating and maintaining relationships.

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  1. This process of matching sexual interest leads to a connection of like, where one’s sexual act is the partners’ desire or the desire of both.

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