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In the case of the third girl foeticide is a certainty although it is only slightly less prevalent if the second child is going to be a girl.

In case the mother follows the pregnancies through,she and the girl baby are less likely to get nourishment and medical attention.

For example, during its 2013 grant review process, Cambodia expressed a willingness to expand HIV interventions addressing the vulnerabilities and specific needs of women and girls.

To that end, the Global Fund’s grant approval committee recommended that the country set aside a certain percentage of money for programmes directed at this population.

To help ensure measureable results, conducting a gender assessment of the national HIV responses has also been built into the grant as a requirement for future funding.

Together, the Global Fund, Cambodia’s Ministry of Health, and partners are accelerating efforts addressing gender-related challenges in HIV responses.

The Global Fund is also working to empower civil society organisations, including organisations of women who are living with or are directly affected by the three diseases, by conducting comprehensive training on gender issues, identifying capacity gaps, and providing technical assistance.

The world average for the ratio of males/females is 1.01, which means there are 1.01 males for every female (more males than females).

For example, The World Factbook in 2001 reported Switzerland's sex ratio at birth as 1.05, Similar differences between estimates by "The World Factbook" and census numbers from birth records are known for Sweden, Norway, Ireland, India and Japan. 1.1, means there are 1.1 males for every 1 female (more males than females). 0.8, means there are 0.8 males for every 1 female (more females than males).

It shows the male to female sex ratio as estimated by the United States' Central Intelligence Agency.

However, there are differences between the estimates by The World Factbook and numbers reported by the census offices of respective countries.

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The national statistics bear out how many girls live to see their fifth birthday compared to boys.

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