Brocade communications options backdating

But their weightiest charges of securities fraud were thrown out.

Greg led a team of talented executives who oversaw a staff of thousands.

But as yet another executive who was once close to Jobs comes under the backdating cloud, one has to wonder: Is Jobs as innocent as Apple Inc. Or is the government afraid to go after one of the most respected leaders of American business? You can put him up there with Bill Gates and Warren Buffett," said Peter Henning, a professor who studies white-collar crime at Wayne State University in Detroit and one of the few legal scholars still paying attention to stock-options backdating.

"If you are going to put a case against him, you had better be sure it's a strong case." To be sure, regulators have in the past gone after celebrity business leaders.

For 11 months, we spent a portion of every day talking and I learned a great deal from him.

I know how much pain the criminal charges brought to his life.

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Awarding stock options was necessary to attract the most talented employees in Silicon Valley during those robust times, and Greg presided over a transparent policy that Larry Sonsini approved as being in compliance with all SEC rules and regulations.

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