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Haner has also recently appeared on Showtime's "Red Light Comedy Special", which was taped in Amsterdam and on AXS.

TVs Gotham Comedy Live from NYC, performing his own music and stand-up comedy.

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To cut to the chase, these are Nando’s vegan options that I discovered: Lastly, to avoid any confusion ……

although several stores and head office told us that there were no animal products in the veggie pattie, a number of the vegan community spoke out and told us there is egg in it.

Since leaving Jeff Dunham's show in 2011, he has released three more CDs: "The Artist Formerly Known As Guitar Guy", "Alone" and "Perfect World".

He is also a noted Session Musician for Avenged Sevenfold, a band which his son, Brian Haner Jr. After high school, Haner did session work and played in night clubs in the LA area while attending The Dick Grove School of music where he studied Composition, Arranging, Advanced Music Theory and Film Scoring.

When I asked this question, they told me that Whoa ….pretty strict on themselves!!

I don’t know about you, but I’d be happy for them to label what is vegan and not vegan on their menu as most other restaurants do!!

Throughout the 1980s, Haner recorded and toured mainly in Europe.

In the early 90s, his composition work extended to scoring television shows and films.

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So, we went back and dig some more digging and found this to be true, so if you’re a vegan, don’t eat the following: Seeing this unusually large list of items that a vegan could order started to make me question why a restaurant franchise that makes its main revenue from the death of 70,000 chickens each day wants to expand their vegetarian and vegan range?

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