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Meanwhile, Jamie's ex is a guy named Hamboussi (you can't make stuff like this up) who looks like an extra in and is a member of a band that she followed around. The 80's called and they want their glittery head scarf back . Beverly's ex-husband didn't show up at all, which makes her sadder than sad and she has pretty much a meltdown about it.

And the entire thing is capped of by Mindy whining to Taya that she always looks good.

Taya's date has her and Brett zip-lining through the jungle, which looks fun before dinner.

And breaking all tradition, Taya does NOT spend the night with him.

In her exit interview she waxes overdramatic that she can't believe she and Brittanya are both being let go. " she says and gestures down at her smokin' hot bod, "what the hell is going on here? The bus pulls away and we're left wondering once more why we used an hour of our lives to watch this tacky trash.

, Brett had to pick the girl who would pretend to be his girlfriend for the next 2 to 10 months. Well, It's more Taya at her best and Mindy at her worst.

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And that's the last we see of her and her cheek studs (until the reunion show, anyway).

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