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Rating: 6, for hosting decent local musicians Here's the place to go if you really want to get three, four, or even five sheets to the wind and act like an incurable a-hole on the balcony, begging to barter beads for chesty exposure... Rating: 7 on a regular day, 10 on Latin night An impressive selection of agave spirits (the tequila list is 135 deep) and a cozy, surprisingly low-key room give Rita's a solid edge over its Bourbon Street neighbors. Rating: 7 Sad that college ended and you can't party like a frat boy anymore? Or a "Shark Attack" if you want a plastic souvenir shark to play with, which, admittedly, can be a lot of juvenile fun when you've just consumed a Shark Attack.and have absolutely no one care, because they're all in the same boat. Razzoo will bring it all back: the cheap shots, the fist-pumping, the eventual vomiting of three-for-one hurricanes in the urinal trough. Rating: 6 One of few options on Bourbon that still actually offers live jazz music, a good option if you've tired of bounce rap, oontz-oontz dance jams, and karaoke caterwauling.Rating: 8 Does it have a rotating leather chair in which you can sit and let a buxom lady climb atop you to pour booze directly down your open gullet? Rating: 5 This Hole in the Wall is a hole in the wall. Johnny White's is the Moe's Tavern of Bourbon: cheap drinks, local barflies, zero touristy schlock, and an overall air of general sketchiness. But it loses points for being a haven for Redskins fans. Rating: 5 Less a bar than a genuine music venue, Irvin Mayfield's hosts some of the bigger names in local music seven nights a week (with no cover! Rating: 2 While this may seem, by its name, to be the embodiment of the college kegger, Beerfest is actually a manly beer hall with a satisfying array of domestic and imported brews. It's a standard-fare Bourbon Street bar with all the fixin's: live music, a balcony, and lots of tourists wildin' out.), not to mention an absolutely killer burlesque show every week. It's pricey, though, especially for Bourbon Street. Rating: 5.5 If you haven't had enough frozen daiquiris and greasy pizza yet, Mango Mango has you covered... Rating: 4 Gussied-up bar food that includes a burger benefitting firefighters, a solid selection of beers, and, oh yeah, "the 5th Quarter Challenge": If you can make your way through a 4lb burger and 2lb of debris fries within 45 minutes, you've earned yourself a free meal, a jersey, a spot on the Wall of Honor, and eternal bragging rights.twin pack, washed them down with a cup of tea infused with UHT milk, tried to open the suicide-proof window to take in the sounds of Bristol's fair city and now propped up on the bed with five pill-sized pillows to write this; the luxuries of hotel living when on the road. Many have heard its siren call and walked its neon-hued promenade in search of, well, bourbon (despite the warnings), only to be faced with what seems like booze roulette. Rating: 8, because it also has an amazing burger served with waffle-cut chips Refreshingly, there's no neon here, but actual candles for ambient lighting. did we mention the rum-and-ice cream root beer float?

I was exotic; I hadn’t shaved anything on my body in three years. The owner hired me, told me to shave everything but my head, gave me a ratty, red peignoir set and filthy, red high heels and told me where to purchase my own pasties and G-string. One poor schnook assumed that any stripper was available to service him.

It was the sexual revolution, the time after and before AIDS, and there was enormous confusion about what it meant to be free.

I met a lover with whom I discovered mutually gratifying sex. I was sure I’d be back in the East Coast within weeks. On our way out west, my lover and I landed broke in the Big Easy–New Orleans. It soon dawned on me that the job was not going to involve my Martha Graham training.

But take it from us, this is not a dive bar crapshoot -- there are some great places, there are some terrible places, and there are everything-in-between places, and we've rated Home of the Hand Grenade, touted as the "world's most powerful mixed drink," which tastes like Midori, sugar, and pure grain alcohol. Also refreshing is the list of well-curated New Orleans classic cocktails, plus an Abita root beer float with rum and cream cheese ice cream. If Channing Tatum were to open a bar on Bourbon Street... Channing Tatum DID open a Bourbon Street club, and this is it.

It claims to have the biggest dance floor on Bourbon Street, plus "tooters," whatever those might be. If you're looking for a cold beer or cocktail in an elegantly masculine room where you can still watch the game on a pair of huge flat-screens, this is your place.

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