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It is revealed that this was the last time Kat sees her father, as he went out to a bar shortly thereafter and drunkenly admitted to murdering Eve.

He is soon arrested and later hangs himself with a sheet in his jail cell, also revealing that he moved Eve's body from the freezer the night before Kat unpacked it.

by sleeping with the detective in charge of Eve's case (Thomas Jane). ) that will have Gen X-ers wishing they'd kept their old compilation tapes.

As time wears on, Eve's disappearance seems less and less relevant. After setting up the mystery, Araki cleverly distracts viewers with bags of awkward sex and droll banter and a cracking soundtrack (Mode! It's only when you reach the end of the trail that you realise he's left so many breadcrumbs, particularly in the chilly dream sequences.

But that doesn't stop her revisiting Kat in her dreams.

A mystery wrapped in a coming-of-age drama inside a nostalgia trip for Generation X-ers; writer-director Gregg Araki's take on Laura Kasische's novel will leave nobody's curiosity unpiqued.

Kat begins to unpack Brock's suspiciously locked freezer in their basement, but is stopped when he walks in on her.Kansas City Star reporter Jocelyn Noveck said, "It all comes down to a doozy of a plot twist, and it's enjoyably shocking.But at the end you're still left shaking your head, feeling lost, wishing there was something tangible to hold on to — perhaps a bit like being trapped in a snow globe... The film ends with a flashback of Eve's death; she came home from shopping the afternoon of her disappearance to find Brock and Phil in bed together.Phil dashed out of the room and Eve began laughing hysterically at Brock, incredulous, and he responded by wrapping his fingers around her throat, asking her repeatedly to stop, to which she kept on laughing, and he strangled her to death.

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