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Plus, add #Fabletics Contest to your entry for the chance to win a trip to LA to be part of an upcoming photo shoot!

Harmonic convergence at home By Matt Miller for The Deal Pipeline July 16, 2013 (London, England; Los Angeles, CA) — The story goes something like this: Londoners Julian Keenaghan and Alex Parish met in a band, got into Web development and, nursing hangovers after a boozy party one night, pondered one of life’s bigger imponderables — how to meet more women.

Someday you may even find yourself in Germany where you kiss a lunatic who happens to be the lead singer of a band.

You’re suckered into watching him play and he decides that it makes sense to announce that his guitar is his “baby.” THEN he turns red and looks at you and says IN FRONT OF EVERY ONE “I mean…

A post shared by Estilo Fama (@estiloffama) on Some paparazzi photos came out of Kate just the other day, with her giving a rocker a good old snog at a juice bar.

And it made us think, if we were living in LA, being an amazing actress, running our own business etc, we'd like to hang out a juice bars snogging boys in bands too.

my second baby.” Oh dear sweet lord erase that memory from my brain!

The third I speak to on occasion on Facebook and the last has disappeared and can only be tracked via imdb. Everybody mingles, you learn the words sort of and you have a great time.

So not only do you have to go to a million shows you have to go to a million “eh” shows. It’s super romantic to think that Jon Bon Jovi married his highschool girlfriend, but ladies do remember that he freaking left her for Diane Lane.

I can tell you right now that the green room at CBGBs was a cesspool, and they don’t get much better anywhere else. When DL broke JBJ’s heart he wrote “You give love a bad name” and back to the old gf. Having him leave and come back, or having one of his most awesome songs be about ? They’re going to write songs about you Both good and bad. One was written post break up and is called something like “love heartbroken” and has lyrics that sound something like “she was awesome but I freaking hate her guts right now.” Thanks, I’ll send that one to my Mom. There is possibility for VERY embarrassing things As embarrassing as it is to have a mediocre boy band song written about you, it can get worse.

More often than not you’ll either find yourself sitting on a couch drinking free beers surrounded by smoking 19 year olds, or at the bar. And oh, turns out her friend is the lead singers GIRLFRIEND. One (which thank god I can’t find on line) was even on the radio in Vegas! I can’t remember the exact chorus but it goes something like “Missing you is like going days without water, not getting to hold you feels like torture, if this is what it’s like to be without your touch then I’ll seeee you in my dreaaaaaaaams.” I’m getting pangs of embarrassment as I type this, I used to play this song for people. You have to make small talk with other girlfriends of band members and there’s hardly anything to say.

(note, drink tickets are a plus) It’ll progressively get worse if they start recording, you’re going to have to put it on your Ipod. They’re probably going to cheat on you Picture this: You spend the night with the lead singer of a band. In college I had that guys freaking HEADSHOT autographed by my bed. You have to endure people telling you that the songs are super good, when you know that they’re lying.

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