Battlehorn castle quest not updating

We should strive to make there BE something else, in other words.

IWon't Fight Undead , 12 November 2007 (EST) Here's a link to the picture on my Photobucket account. That's the only semi-logical answer I could come up with for why this happens.The point is that other people shared this motivation, or it wouldn't have stayed this way. I admit it was the wrong move to take them down when there was nothing else.And the ultimate point of THAT, and of my entire statement, was that it's a matter of consistency: if the plug-in pages are gonna get revamped, there's very little reason not to do so. Although I still think we should try for consistency with other item images.Indeed, it did happen anyway, as I did not have the time to implement the last major piece of house plug-in layout, the New Items section, myself.I was simply trying to state my motivation for having such a layout on this page.

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