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# VP-Zxx Zanzibar Civil 1929-1964 # VQ-Bxx Barbados Civil 1929-1968 C # VQ-Bxx Bermuda Civil 2008- # VQ-Cxx Cyprus Civil 1952-1960 # VQ-Fxx Fiji Civil 1929-1972 # VQ-Gxx Grenada Civil 1929-1974 # VQ-Hxx St. Lucia Civil 1929-1979 # VQ-Mxx Mauritius Civil 1929-1970 # VQ-Nxx Gold Coast (North) Civil 1929- # VQ-Pxx Palestine Civil 1929-1948 # VQ-Sxx Seychelles Civil 1929-1976 # VQ-Txx Togo (British Togoland) Civil 1929- C # VQ-Txx Turks & Caicos Islands Civil 1997(? - C V7A-V7Z Marshall Islands V7-xxx Marshall Islands Civil 199? - C V8A-V8Z Brunei C # V8-xxx Brunei Civil C # V8-(figs) Brunei are also used Civil C # V8-xx(Fig) Brunei are also used Civil C WAA-WZZ USA # W-xxxx USA Used as WT callsigns by a small number of aircraft in the 40s Civil? # WL-xxxx Germany, Mil operated civil a/c was also used in the format WL-(Roman figs)-(figs) on gliders -1945 # X-xxxx China Civil 1919-1929 XGA-XIZ China reallocated C XAA-XIZ Mexico # X-Axxx Mexico Civil 1919-1939 C # XA-xxx Mexico Commercial a/c Civil 1939- # X-Bxxx Mexico Civil 1919-1939 C # XB-xxx Mexico Private a/c Civil 1939- Ultraliights noted using XB-Hxx C # Mexico Ultralights also use UL-(figs) # X-Cxxx China Civil 1929 C # XC-xxx Mexico Government a/c Civil 1939- Some aircraft recently noted using XC-xx followed by two Figures (EG XC-AA70) # X-Hxxx Honduras Civil 1929-? -1957 C XJA-XOZ Canada C XPA-XPZ Denmark C XQA-XRZ Chile C XSA-XSZ China # X-Sxxx Yugoslavia Civil 1919-1929 C XTA-XTZ Burkino Faso XTA-XTZ Wei-Hai-Wei # XT-xxx China (also used XT-(figs) Civil 1929-1949 # XT-(figs) China- Peoples Republic Civil 1949-1958? # VP-Xxx Gambia Civil 1929-1945 # VP-Yxx Southern Rhodesia Civil 1929-1964 # VP-YZx Southern Rhodesia Rhodesian Air Force Military1929-? # VR-Rxx Malaya Civil 1929-1963 # VR-Sxx Singapore Civil 1929-1965 # VR-Txx Tanganyika Civil 1929-1964 # VR-Uxx Brunei Civil 1929-1963 # VR-Wxx Sarawak Civil 1929-1963 C VSA-VSZ United Kingdom, Territories, Colonies, Protectorates C VTA-VWZ India(Included Pakistan and Burma until 1948) C # VT-Axx India Civil 1929- VT-Xxx Experimental a/c VT-Gxx Gliders VT-Uxx Ultralights C # VU-xxx India Air Force a/c callsigns Military C VXA-VYZ Canada C VZA-VZZ Australia C V2A-V2Z Antigua and Barbuda C # V2-xxx Antigua and Barbuda Civil 1981- C V3A-V3Z Belize C # V3-xxx Belize Civil 1966- C V4A-V4Z St. Kitts and Nevis Civil 1983- C V5A-V5Z Namibia C # V5-xxx Namibia Civil V5-Hxx Helicopters V5-Uxx Ultra Lights C V6A-V6Z Micronesia C # V6-(figs)xx Micronesia(EG: V6-01FM) Civil 200?The International Bureau at Berne, with the consent of those nations, modified and added to this assignment of call letters in a circular dated April 23, 1913. These allocations were for use for all radio purposes - ground stations,ships, broadcast etc - aircraft not being a specific target at that time for radio equipment . - C YVA-YWZ Venezuala C # YV-xxx Venezuala Used letters 1929-193? In 30s changed to figure suffix,later to mixture of figs/letters EG: YS-01C Civil 1929- # YT-xxx Tadjikstan Unofficial Civil 1991 C YTA-YUZ Yugoslavia to Serbia 11/05/2007 C # YU-xxx Yugoslavia Civil 1935- YU-Hxx Helicopters C # YU-(figs) Yugoslavia Gliders Civil 1935- C # YU-M(figs) Yugoslavia Motor Gliders Civil ?In fact the use of the allocations for aircraft either as radio calls or registrations did not become widespread until the end of the Great War in 1919 A...........

If you are interested in joining Air Britian look here. C # 4X-Fxx Israel Air Force Callsigns Military 1948- C 4YA-4YZ International Civil Aviation Organization # 4YB-xxx Jordan-Iraq Confederation Agency, Used twice in late 70s, Allocation still current 2007 for use by operating agency"Arab Air Cargo" C 4ZA-4ZZ Israel C 5AA-5AZ Libya C # 5A-xxx Libya civil 1951- C 5BA-5BZ Cyprus C # 5B-xxx Cyprus Civil 1960- 5B-Hxx - Micro Lights. - C # 9C-xxx Croatia Civil 1992- C 9BA-9DZ Iran C 9EA-9FZ Ethiopia C 9GA-9GZ Ghana C # 9G-xxx Ghana Civil 1957- 9G-Hxx Helicopters C # 9G-Sxx Ghana Air Force call signs Military 1957- C 9HA-9HZ Malta C # 9H-xxx Malta Civil 1968- C # 9H-Uxx Malta. # VP-PQA to PZZ British West Pacific Civil 1929-1979 # VP-Rxx Rhodesia Civil 1929-1953 # VP-Sxx Somaliland Civil 1929-1960 # VP-Txx Trinidad and Tobago Civil 1929-1962 # VP-Uxx Uganda Civil 1929-1962 # VP-Vxx St Vincent and Grenadines Civil 1929-1979 # VP-Wxx Wei-Hai-Wei Civil 1929- # VP-Wxx Rhodesia Civil 1963-? ) # VP-Nxx Nyasaland Civil 1929-1953 # VP-PAA to PHZ Islands of the Pacific High Commission Solomon Is & New Hebides # VP-PIA to PPZ Gilbert & Ellice Is.It is unlikely that any of these were used on any aircraft before the allocations were overtaken by the 1912 Conference below. C 9WA-9WZ Malaysia C 9XA-9XZ Rwanda C # 9XR-xx Rwanda(previously known as Ruanda and Burundi) Civil 1965- 9YA-9ZZ Trinidad and Tobago C # 9Y-xxx Trinidad and Tobago Civil 1962- OTHER SYSTEMS Mainland China ,for many years after WW2 , used a numerical system with no prefix.A Austria B Belgium BG Bulgaria D Germany DM Denmark E Spain F France GB Great Britain H Hungary I Italy MC Monaco NL Netherlands P Portugal R Russia RM Romania S Sweden SB Serbia SS SWitzerland T Turkey Early allocations of National identification letters took place on 17th May 1912 when the Commission du Droit Aronautique meeting in Brusselles allocated the following national identity letters to the 13 countries that attended. As Chinese aircraft were seldom seen outside China,a prefix was not needed .

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The earliest mention of Nationality markings for aircraft came from the "Conference Internationale de Navigation Aerienne" that took place between May 18th and June 29th 1910 in Paris. C 5CA-5GZ Morocco # 5C-xxx Equitorial Guinea Civil 1978-1978 C 5HA-5IZ Tanzania C # 5H-xxx Tanzania Civil 1964- C 5JA-5KZ Columbia C 5LA-5MZ Liberia C 5NA-5OZ Nigeria C # 5N-xxx Nigeria Civil 1961- During the Biafra conflict various false markes were used EG:5N- fig fig letter(EG 5N83H Constellation) C 5PA-5QZ Denmark C 5RA-5SZ Madagascar C # 5R-xxx Madagascar Civil 1960- C # 5R-Mxx Madagascar Military 1960- C 5TA-5TZ Mauritania C # 5T-xxx Mauritania Civil 1960- C # 5T-Mxx Mauritania Military 1960- C 5UA-5UZ Niger C # 5U-xxx Niger Civil 1960- C # 5U-Mxx Niger Military 1960- C 5VA-5VZ Togo C # 5V-xxx Togo Civil 1960- C # 5V-Mxx Togo Military 1960- C 5WA-5WZ Western Samoa # 5W-xxx Western Samoa Civil 1962- C 5XA-5XZ Uganda C # 5X-xxx Uganda Civil 1962- C 5YA-5ZZ Kenya C # 5Y-xxx Kenya Civil 1963- C # 5Z-xxx Kenya Military 1963- C 6AA-6BZ Egypt C 6CA-6CZ Syria C 6DA-6JZ Mexico C 6KA-6NZ Korea C 6OA-6OZ Somalia # 6OS-xxx Somalia Civil 1960-1971 C # 6O-xxx Somalia Civil 1971- C 6PA-6SZ Pakistan C 6TA-6UZ Sudan C 6VA-6WZ Senegal C # 6V-xxx Senegal Civil 1960- C # 6W-xxx Senegal MIlitary C 6YA-6YZ Jamaica C # 6Y-xxx Jamaica Civil 1962- C 6ZA-6ZZ Liberia C 7AA-7IZ Indonesia C 7JA-7NZ Japan C 7OA-7OZ Yemen Republic(previously called South Yemen) C # 7O-xxx Yemen Republic previously called South Yemen) Civil 1969- C 7PA-7PZ Lesotho C # 7P-xxx Lesotho Civil 1967- C 7QA-7QZ Malawi C # 7Q-xxx Malawi Civil 1964- C 7RA-7RZ Algeria C 7SA-7SZ Sweden C 7TA-7YZ Algeria C # 7T-xxx Algeria Civil 1962- C # 7T-Wxx Algeria Military 1962- C 7ZA-7ZZ Saudi Arabia C 8AA-8IZ Indonesia C 8JA-8NZ Japan C 8OA-8OZ Botswana C 8PA-8PZ Barbados C # 8P-xxx Barbados Civil 1968- C 8QA-8QZ Maldives C # 8Q-xx-(figs) Maldives Civil 1976- C 8RA-8RZ Guyana C # 8R-xxx Guyana Civil 1967- C 8SA-8SZ Sweden C 8TA-8YZ India C 8ZA-8ZZ Saudi Arabia 9AA-9AZ San Marino reallocated C 9AA-9AZ Croatia # 9A-xxx Croatia Civil C # 9A-Dxx Croatia Motorgliders Civil 200? Microlights C 9IA-9JZ Zambia C # 9J-xxx Zambia Civil 1964- C # 9J-Wxx Zambia Air Force a/c Military 1964- C 9KA-9KZ Kuwait C # 9K-xxx Kuwait Civil 1961- C 9LA-9LZ Sierra Leone C # 9L-xxx Sierra Leone Civil 1961- C 9MA-9MZ Malaysia C # 9M-xxx Malaysia Civil 1963- 9M-Exx Kitplanes 1997- 9M-Uxx Microlites # 9M-Bxx Malaysia Military a/c Military # Three uses of 9M-figs X noted EG:9M-0110A As355F1.

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