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While the consumer has acclimated to security products like firewalls for computers and smartphones, many other devices do not yet offer such security products.

While stories appear every day regarding the vulnerabilities of smart fridges and TVs, Io T technologies like webcams represent a far more desirable target for hackers.Vectra Threat Labs, a research arm of Vectra Networks, detailed today how consumer-grade Internet of Things products – in this case, a Wi-Fi security camera – are hackable and programmable as “permanent backdoors.” According to the Lab, this allows “potential attackers to remotely command and control a cyber attack without being detected by traditional security products.” A hacker could thus gain full-time access to a network without needing access to a laptop, workstation or server.“Consumer-grade Io T products can be easily manipulated by an attacker, used to steal an organization’s private information and go undetected by traditional security solutions,” said Gunter Ollmann, CSO of Vectra Networks, in the company’s statement.They dumped the content of the camera’s flash memory chip, went through it and discovered a boot loader, a Linux kernel and image.After accessing the Linux image filesystem, they unearthed a binary that performs verification and update of the firmware (checks if the filed opened correctly – its size – its signature – if the update is newer than the current one – checks if the file checksum is the right one).

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