Backdating attendance allowance

You can also challenge a decision not to backdate Carer's Allowance if your request is refused.Carer's Allowance is paid into a bank or building society account either weekly in advance or every four weeks.If you're refused an interim payment, you can't appeal to a tribunal, but you may be able to apply for judicial review of the decision.You can ask for a discretionary payment if you lose money because of a delay in payment of benefit.Needs are assessed separately for the benefit and for eligibility for social care, which is run by local authorities.

You can make a complaint about a delay you experience.A claimant must show that they need help in connection with their bodily functions or need continual supervision.At night supervision would have to involve someone being awake to watch over the claimant.However, if the person you look after is living alone and receives a means-tested benefit, your claim for Carer's Allowance may affect their means-tested benefits.You can still make the claim for Carer's Allowance, but should think carefully about the implications before you do.

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