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16 October 2013Commissioner Anna Springer blind-dates Karsten Breiderhoff, whose brother Richard is charged with murdering his wife Anke.

Her sister and stud farm-partner hired as lawyer Alex, who is robbed when she transports a cool-box with their stud farm's star stallion's precious sperm.

18 February 2012Nils Erdel conspiracy theory ' Bielefeld doesn't exist' inspires Ekki, who seemingly can't disprove it, but is waved by Georg, even after Nils's fatal accident running into a car, but Georg's friend Manni, a Bielefeld municipal employee, and a fatal injection found in autopsy inspire Georg to twist the commissioner's arm into opening an investigation.

While Nils's buddy Dominik proves a marketing vulture, murder suspect Frank Albers's past touches a woman who also gets murdered.

Wilsberg still uncovers more dirty twists, yielding surprising alternative motives.

31 August 2013Ekki has inherited his aunt's house and field in a country village.

Thomas's firm is in deep trouble, his partner plotted with him, but not to kidnap.

Wilsberg's team discovers and links more secrets and crimes, at his own peril.Wilsberg buys a Christmas tree and driving it he with Alex stops to prevent a desperate Santa jump to his death, later finds the abduction limousine with blood traces, which the police is reluctant to investigate.Friedhelm Thies is meanwhile tortured to reveal his valuables.11 April 2009After the wild celebration at Wilsberg's for Alex's first successful trial, defending slick sports student, barman and playboy Manuel against jealous heirs, party guest Babette Behrendt is left badly wounded on the street, near Ekki's car, which ran over her, actually watched by her fiance Gordon, son and deputy of contractor Lennart Haller.Commissioner Springer arrests drunk Ekki, who refuses to explain, covering for an unsuspecting, equally drunk mate mate.

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