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Skeptical Science has been present on various social media for some time now and we thought it was time to promote the work we do via different channels of communication.

In this case the user was holding the rifle action close the the body, not how it was designed to be held, which is at the shoulder. He did not remove the magazine prior to working the action.The second round slammed into and ignited the primer causing the chambered round’s casing to explode.It sent the bullet down range and a piece of the casing into the users stomach, causing death. If you have been following this blog, youtube, or shooting magazines over the years you will have seen many photos and videos of gun being utterly demolished by a variety of mishaps, without causing any injury whatsoever to the user.The figure below shows an aggregate picture of the Skeptical Science graphics updated to Pinterest.These diverse ways of communicating our message mean we can reach more people and make our content more accessible.

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