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Make sure you call your credit card company before you take a big trip!To prevent you from being a victim of identity theft, most banks and credit card companies monitor your spending patterns and locations to ensure that you are the one using your card.They might not freeze your account in all cases anyway, but it's better to be safe than to have your card declined while trying to buy something you really want or need.Making online purchases from a foreign company is another way to set off your bank or credit card company's fraud alarm.

If you don't have the money, you can't make the purchase--it's as simple as that.

Same goes for big buys, like a TV, a down payment on a car, etc.

If you're planning on buying something expensive that's not something you'd typically purchase, let your credit card company and bank know beforehand just in case.

No matter the situation, when the clerk hands you back your credit card with a shaking head and an apologetic smile, that sinking feeling in your stomach is universal.

Understanding why your card was declined is the first step in preventing it from happening again.

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