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) Jonathan will embark upon his first UK solo tour in November of 2015.

A very exciting time in any performers life, and Jonathan couldn't be happier to have ths opportunity.

To come second on BGT and sell over quarter of a million albums was beyond our wildest dreams."To now be offered our own solo record deals by Sony Classical is the most exciting thing ever and we are thrilled to be going back into the recording studio so soon."For those that voted for us, bought our CDs and saw us in concert - thank you.

We hope to see you soon at our own shows."Jonathan and Charlotte's manager Jonathan Shalit said: "They are to go their separate ways this year with Charlotte ­getting in first.

Recollections of the opera singing teen's time on Britain's Got Talent throw up images of a shy and troubled young man.

It was then I thought: I can really do this”her wedding in 2011.

Tenore also went to number 13 in the "pop" charts, a great achievement in any situation!

Jonathan is the youngest tenor to have a number 1 album in the Classical charts in the UK.

They were runners-up in the final, and Cowell immediately signed them up for a record deal.

Two hugely successful albums followed and in 2013 there was a five-city UK tour.

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