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My friends were so surprised that at 24 years old I had never had a real Valentine’s Day, but I am pretty sure I am not alone (please LEAVE COMMENTS below if this year was also your first V-Day! Last Valentine’s Day, my friend told me not to be sad that I didn’t have anyone to celebrate with – when the time is right, it will exceed all your expectations. So let’s go back to talking about the big V-Day date, and chatting about some points that I think are interesting to share.Having “the talk” Before V-Day this year, my boyfriend and I had been dating for a couple of months, and we were right at the point of “defining the relationship.” We had a big, formal talk over dinner one night to discuss where we were in this relationship and where it should be going, and this talk basically determined if we would celebrate Valentine’s Day together.But the key is that everything is talkable, and open communication is the key to navigating the relationship scene in a country that we are not originally from.To understand German culture is to understand history.

Bavaria), the average German inherited a culture of social isolation, hesitant and reluctant to welcome strangers into existing social circles.Being an articulate, well-educated Westerner is not an advantage at all, even if you can speak the language fluently; neofeminism has convinced them they must prove they are not Nazis (a subconscious result of German post-war guilt) by sleeping with 10 off-the-boat immigrants per weekend.It’s important to note, however, that being an American doesn’t put you into this category. Office ghosts tend to be attractive, young professionals with tolerable personalities, yet are extremely difficult to find in a social setting outside of work.From my experience here, there are two types of women in Germany: club rats and office ghosts.The club rats are typically young students (18-25) and spend at least three days per week snorting amphetamines and taking home random Turks or Africans from clubs.

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The defeat of Nazi Germany and subsequent division of East and West Germany played the largest role in shaping contemporary German culture. The primal male urge to master oneself physically and spiritually and assert this dominance over others to achieve success is no longer relevant to the German man, and is vehemently opposed by the society in which he lives.

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  1. If we don't think a dater is someone that fellow daters would get on with - we'll respectfully decline service and reserve the right to do so. We think 'Meet-Up' is a lovely free service that gives those of similar interests the opportunity to connect. Also, it is a good idea to keep checking back on our website as sometimes reservations become available at the last minute. Please try to avoid doing anything unsafe in your attempt to arrive to the event on time - we do like to wait for all participants to arrive.

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