The survey also found that overwhelming majority respondents were not happy with the performance of the government in several key areas.The government recorded moderate positive rating in the areas of fighting corruption and protecting religious freedom.Among the main factors are economic and infrastructure development (42 percent), greater democratic space (16 percent), improvement in education (9 percent), good governance (8 percent), reforms (7 percent) and more job opportunities (4 percent).Despite the strong positive outlook, the figure is relatively weaker compared to the previous survey in February 2014.Despite numerous criticisms against the 2015 general elections, a huge majority of the respondents believe that the 2015 elections will be freer and fairer than the 2010 general elections.

Another interesting finding of the survey was the lack of political awareness among the overwhelming majority of the voters.

A significant number (6.5 percent) of the respondents expressed their intention to vote for state parties and only 1 percent said they going to vote for other national parties.

It is important to note that 12 percent of the respondents opted not to give their responses who might be inclined to vote for the opposition but too fearful to express their voting choices.

The February 2014 survey indicated that 88 percent voters think that the country was going in the right direction, a drop of 26 percentage points.

Indicative of the cautiousness of some respondents with the overall outlook of the country, 44 percent respondents said that their household income remained the same over the last two years while 21 percent said they were worst off.

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High Voter Turnout and Level of Confidence on the Fairness and Freeness of the 2015 General Elections Probed further by the survey, the respondents identified the following reasons behind their motivations to perform their voting rights on Sunday; to perform civic duty (30 percent), to make a difference (27 percent), bandwagon effect (everyone is going to vote and so do I) (16 percent), to choose a new government (12 percent), to exercise their democratic rights (2 percent), was told to vote by their family members (1 percent) and to end corruption (1 percent).

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