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If it takes up the majority of your time at home, I would also consider cutting it back a little. , many viewers are learning the meaning of the word "eunuch" for the first time.The term describes a man who has been castrated, his testicles either removed or rendered nonfunctional by chemical means.In the show, the castrated Varys serves as the "master of whisperers": a cunning and calculating spymaster.I can't even explain why I like it so much I mean I have no desire to meet any of these people-or give out my number I just like talking dirty to people(on the computer)-has this ever happened to any of you?thanx UMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmm let me time I was helping or running three adult chat rooms at one time including one of my own.

xfilesfan, an addiction isn't a good thing to have most of the time.This community is dedicated to those of us struggling with obesity.Obesity is thought to be a significant risk factor in certain health conditions, leading to increased mortality.Testosterone, the principal male sex hormone, is thought to prominently contribute to the growth of cancerous tumors in the prostate.Thus, as a way to impede the cancer's spread, many doctors recommend shutting down the hormone's primary source: the testes.

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