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Residents are not required to quit but are encouraged to stop smoking.Information on quitting is available from the American Cancer Society office next door. Please advise your visitors that anyone smoking on the property will be asked to leave immediately.• Fire codes prohibit the burning of candles, incense or other flammable materials on the Hope lodge property.• Water and nutritional drinks for feeding tubes are the only food and drink allowed in the rooms or common areas. The adult patient and one adult caregiver may stay in the room.• Clothing • Grooming products • Medications What time must I check in? How close is the Hope Lodge located to the hospital? To take advantage of this service, please sign up daily at the front desk. Each guest room has a designated lockable cabinet in the kitchen storage area as well as designated refrigerator and freezer storage bins.The Hope Lodge is conveniently located within 10 miles from each cancer treatment facility and hospital in New Orleans. Food must be stored, cooked and consumed in the first floor kitchen and dining room area. All guests of the Hope Lodge are welcome to receive mail and packages.It is the responsibility of the patient to communicate schedule changes.• Staff will require referral form any time there is a treatment change.• Upon arrival, all guests must complete an intake form providing various information such as name, address, diagnosis, diagnosis date, insurance type, etc.• All guests and caregivers must sign a registration agreement of Hope Lodge rules and liability release.Restrictions• No weapons, firearms or illegal drugs are allowed on the Hope Lodge property at any time.Southeastern offers special admissions programs for guest students and adults.

For many, treatment at New Orleans medical centers provides the greatest hope, but requires that they are far from home, adding the additional burden of travel and lodging expenses.Individuals found with these products will be asked to leave immediately.• Use of any tobacco products and/or alcohol is prohibited everywhere in the Hope Lodge and on American Cancer Society property.This includes cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco, and snuff.This includes fruit, snacks, soft drinks and coffee. More than two people per guest room is not permitted.This policy enables the Hope Lodge to control pests with a minimum amount of pesticides and keep maintenance costs down.• All guests must observe quiet hours ( p.m. Visitors are welcome and encouraged during your stay at the Hope Lodge. Can my family stay at the Hope Lodge if I am in the hospital?

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After that, they must leave so another patient can stay in the room.

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  1. Unlike cancer radiation therapy that has the potential to trigger a second cancer and side effects, targeted heat treatment produces no toxicity in the body. Xiao YX, Gao XG, Taratula OT, Treado St, Urbas Au, Holbrook Rh et al.