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There will be a separate folder for each mod, the same as for your configuration files for that mod.

Please read Manual/Graphic options#Blood and gibs for more infos.In other words, you will need to use the command line option each time because it is not a permanent change: fs_homepath is not stored into q3file, and if you think about it for a while, it's perfectly logic, because the program cannot read q3before knowing what's its path. You can use PATH = ./ to store in subfolders directly under the install directory (like the original Quake III Arena did).This means that all the users of the computer will share the same configuration and autodownloaded files, unless they have completely separate installation folders. Well, you may just download the official package, extract it somewhere and run the game, or get if from some Linux repository, or from Desura.Note: while fs_homepath variable contains your "homepath" folder (configuration and autodownload folder), fs_basepath variable contains your "basepath" folder (your Open Arena installation folder, that contains OA binaries).Mod-specific subfolders inside your "homepath" folder are also the place where your screenshots and demos are saved (into apposite subfolders).

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