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During the first three years of activity over 250 service and product prototypes were co-created by 1500 talented students and 93% of the results were claimed for business use.Demola Budapest started in May 2012 and became the third innovation centre in the international network alongside Tampere, Vilnius and Oulu.

Madam: Taiwo, come (she called the fair lady, and that was when I knew her name) check this card, look at the session, 2010/2011 and we are in 2012. Me: what else do you still need when I have told you am still exercising my I. I collected the card and looked back nostalgically to where the journey started from. ” lamenting continued, “I’ve been parading here since yesterday and the card was just issued some minutes ago and your useless machine swallowed it, and you are still telling me to come back later”, I said, “You must be joking”, I poured angrily. “Stay here while I check for both of you”, said Ahmmed. Me: this is it ma (I gave it to her) Madam: are you a student? “Please, insert your card” was still on the screen. I looked at the time and it was pm, I felt like crying. After ten minutes, the woman came back to her seat and the following conversation transpired; Madam: where is your card? Me: this is it ma (I gave it to her) Madam: I can’t accept this card from you because it has expired. My school is still on session and since am still on I. I couldn’t trust my eyes with what I saw, so I wiped my face with my volar and re-checked. We work on projects in the area of technology, services, digital media and games, social innovation and business concepts with local impact and global market potential.Companies bring their project ideas for student teams to cultivate.

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