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If anyone has the energy, look into a joint complaint from Australia.I would be OK with filing a form with Consumer Affairs but may encounter jurisdiction issues. They have a selection of pictures of attractive, airbrushed models.Founded in 2004, be2 has quickly grown to become the most-visited online matchmaker in Europe and expanded its service to all 6 continents earning the title be2 - the international matchmaker.Today, more than 20,000 new members join be2 daily. there are lots of fake profiles with same picture just different name and age..when I emailed them about just got an answer back that had nothing to do with my question.I do not want anyone who is just out for sex or one night stands so if you have that in mind give me a miss.

Our highly trained customer service teams provide excellent service and are available to help you with all kinds of problems. The personality test and the matching algorithm at the heart of the be2 matchmaking system make be2 perfect for finding not just any partner, but the one that is right for you. The countries marked in red on the map below have their own be2 websites. If you are looking for a serious relationship and the perfect partner to share your life with, then be2 is probably the right matchmaking service for you. I also signed up for a month and ended up having over 0 taken out of my account which apparently I can't get back!!! This site is absolute crap and I am now being chased for a payment which I do not owe at all.I signed up for one month only and now they are telling me that it automatically renews regardless.

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