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Multiple South Korean sources estimate the yield at 6–9 kilotons, while the German Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources estimates the yield at 40 kilotons. Seismic data collected so far suggests a 6–9 kiloton yield and that magnitude is not consistent with the power that would be generated by a hydrogen bomb explosion.

"What we're speculating is they tried to do a boosted nuclear device, which is an atomic bomb that has a little bit of hydrogen, an isotope in it called tritium," said Joseph Cirincione, president of the global security firm Ploughshares Fund.

This agreement included a moratorium on long-range missiles tests.

Additionally, North Korea agreed to allow IAEA inspectors to monitor operations at Yongbyon.

In February 2012, North Korea announced that it would suspend uranium enrichment at the Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Center and not conduct any further tests of nuclear weapons while productive negotiations involving the United States continue.In 1993, North Korea announced its withdrawal from the NPT, but suspended that withdrawal before it took effect.Implementation of the Agreed Framework floundered, and in 2002 the Agreed Framework fell apart, with each side blaming the other for its failure.A fifth nuclear test occurred on September 9, 2016.This test yield is considered the highest among all five tests thus far, surpassing its previous record in 2013.

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