10 simple rules for dating my son

It’s OK for us to chuckle along when presented with a list like this while at the same time being aware that there are certainly a lot of people in our culture who believe these things earnestly.

So yeah, dads definitely come off looking bad in this one.

Our inaugural entrants come in the form of a list and an application.

Didn’t they make a perfectly innocent TV comedy a few years back, 8 Simple Rules (for dating my teenage daughter), that was fairly well received until it killed John Ritter?There’s the fairly icky habit of referring to any young woman who is old enough to go on a date as “my princess”.There’s the paranoia of someone who would treat his daughter’s dates as if they are all potential members of Al-Quaida.Big parts of the USA are still filled to the brim with folks who think like this about their daughters. And I understand the impulse to protect your kids from harm, both physical and emotional.Heck, no one is even asking you to approve of all of your dating age children’s romantic interests.

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